What does a medical Power of Attorney do?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | Estate Planning |

The estate planning process largely revolves around who your assets will go to upon your death. Nonetheless, there is so much more to estate planning. 

You can utilize estate planning documents, such as a medical Power of Attorney, to ensure that appropriate decisions are taken regarding your health while you are alive. A Medical Power of Attorney is a document that names an agent to make medical decisions on your behalf should you be unable to. 

What types of decisions can a Medical Power of Attorney address? Here’s what you should know:

Who treats you 

You may have developed a bond with certain doctors in specific facilities over the years. If you become incapacitated, it’s important to have someone to make medical decisions that match your wishes. A medical Power of Attorney allows you to nominate an agent who you know will make the right choices in terms of who treats you. 

What type of treatment you receive 

Evey medical case is unique and people have different beliefs in terms of treatments. A Power of Attorney allows an agent to make treatment decisions for you based on your principles. They can decide how aggressively to treat a condition, such as which types of surgery you undergo and what types of medication you receive. 

In some cases, the better option for you may be to make life more comfortable rather than continue aggressive treatment. The named agent in the Power of Attorney document can address these difficult decisions and ensure that they are taken in your best interests. 

The person you appoint to make medical decisions on your behalf should be willing, able and responsible. It is a big responsibility after all. Having legal guidance behind you while drafting your estate plan will help ensure that you make the right choices.