Estate planning: how a proven attorney can promote key goals

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Individuals and families seeking legal assistance are people foremost, not case numbers. And while that distinction is obviously of high importance in any attorney/client relationship, it is paramount to note in the realm of estate administration.

And it is easy to see why such is the case. Every person who candidly speaks with an estate planning attorney is making a leap of faith by divulging what is often intensely personal information about goals, life aspirations, views on family legacy, concerns relevant to other family members and much more.

And that means this: Every estate client has legal needs that are flatly different from other people. Moreover, those needs are routinely focused upon some of life’s most important considerations, which, understandably, mandates a legal response that is empathetic, well-considered and highly tailored to specific circumstances.

Cookie-cutter solutions to estate planning matters — that is, so-called boilerplate responses that are most evidenced by generic forms and documents — can materially disservice clients. Families are both unique and complex and require a proven attorney’s closest scrutiny and best efforts at all times to provide personalized service that maximally promotes clients’ best interests.

It is easy to see why that is the case when the sheer dimensions of the estate planning universe are concerned. Planning needs range broadly from asset preservation and transfer to lawful tax avoidance and charitable giving. They can involve trusts that provide for privacy, avoid probate, control the timing of asset distributions and take care of family members. Health concerns are a focal point for many estate planners. A guardianship or conservatorship for an incapacitated loved one might be of heightened importance.

The attorneys at The Law Office of Theresa L. McConville in Camarillo are sensitive to all those matters and more when we speak with people about their hopes and visions for the future. The lawyers at our estate planning law firm collectively bring decades of relevant and hard-earned experience to our representation of clients in Ventura County and throughout Southern California.

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